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Out of this world

A US astronaut has been charged with trying to kidnap a woman she thought was a rival for the affection of a space shuttle pilot (BBC News)

No doubt this will be coming soon to the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster near you.

(and a tip of the hat to alexmc for spotting the story)

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I'd expect it to end up as the kind of movie five shows on a weekday afternoon.....if it weren't so serious, it'd be funny.

I thought it had the best headline ever:
Astronaut in 'love kidnap plot'

I heard this story on the radio just now. Fantastic! It's made my day.

The thing that got me is that she was wearing a diaper so that she didn't have to stop so often on the 900 mile journey. That's some hardcore, well planned bunny-boiling.

Or her astronaut training coming in handy. I mean, how do you think they cope with eight-hour spacewalks?

She didn't carry out any EVA on STS-121 (she was the arm operator), so it's more likely that she was familiar with the nappies for use during launch.

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