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Hoorah for perdita_fysh

O Lucky Man! arrived in the post this morning, and looks great. Thank you!

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How on Earth did Anderson drop the ball so badly with Britannia Hospital? I adore If and O Lucky Man and watch both pretty regularly; I want the two hours back that I once devoted to Britannia Hospital; it was rancid.

It's weaker than the other two, certainly, but I don't think that it's that much of a stinker. That said, I consider it criminal that it's the only one of the Mick Travis films available on DVD (or at all).

The DVD that perdita_fysh sent was recorded from Sky Cinema; the Warner Bros tags on that broadcast were the modern CGI tags, so I can only assume that they're intending a DVD release at some point.

Whether they'll re-release If.... is another matter; given the sensibilities of US studioes, I suspect that will only happen when Columbine becomes a distant memory, unfortunately.

You're welcome - better late than never eh?

I hadn't realised the christmas card was in the same envelope or I'd've taken it out and posted it earlier. That was the second I'd tried to send you anyway, there is one in a student hall in Bath somewhere.... *&)

Next up: Hogfather for Tiff.

Erm. We'd already received a card from you this year, so the Bath one may well have been forwarded...

(and the film was well worth the wait - thanks again)

Good icon :)

I really wish I hadn't lent my copy of If... to someone I'm no longer in touch with, I haven't seen it for about 3 years now!

Thanks! If.... is next on the list of must-gets-on-dvd, so I'm keeping my eye on the tv listings.

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