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State of the Haggis
robert burns

It's been boiling for about two hours, and seems reassuringly haggis-like. Of course, I'm now sick of the smell of boiled liver, but as least I got to cut up my first heart (never having had that opportunity in biology lessons).


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Ug! You said it woul;dn't have heart in it!

Ah, bollocks. Is spotted them in Waitrose yesterday and brought some home.

As it stands, the haggis is 80% liver and 20% heart.

We have vegetarian haggis just in case.

Me am veggie, believe it :-)

Just tasted it - you can't taste heart.

But I'll KNOW. Just call it a crazy Jewish thing, ok?

Sorry, hadn't realised that heart wasn't kosher (and I'd actually tried to check online!)

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