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State of the Haggis
robert burns

It's been boiling for about two hours, and seems reassuringly haggis-like. Of course, I'm now sick of the smell of boiled liver, but as least I got to cut up my first heart (never having had that opportunity in biology lessons).


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We got a teeny weeny one from the supermarket, it's steaming quietly in the corner. In a steamer, I hasten to add.

This is all for tomorrow night - we'll probably just microwave it.

(Deleted comment)
May I recommend the life-giving properties of offal and oats?

Yegods but I fancy some haggis.


Today I am having a minature haggis to test out the haggis sauce I found a recipe for earlier. Full of blackcurrents and tomatoes and mustard and soy sauce. If it is indeed successful I shall bring some over tomorrow.

Haggis sauce? Sounds like a crime against god and nature!

I have added haggis to cities.

One concern; does it have whiskey in. You know about my vow never to mix whiskey. Ever. EVER. Obviously this is unreasonable but I won't break it.

There is no whisky in haggis, nor should there ever be in my opinion. I know that some choose to pour a drop over their haggis as they eat it, which is acceptable provided it isn't a single malt.

Please keep some whisky free for me. (no mixing, remember)

See you tomorrow.

ps. Haggis now in cities.

I'm not sure that I've ever asked you this, but what's your perspective on blended whiskies? Surely blending counts as mixing!

'tis more of a condiment. I used to have a whole jar full but it seems to have...disappeared.

whisky as a condiment - I love it .. what's your view on glayva?

No objections in general to either glayva or to drambuie, even if they are a bit on the sweet side.

Ug! You said it woul;dn't have heart in it!

Ah, bollocks. Is spotted them in Waitrose yesterday and brought some home.

As it stands, the haggis is 80% liver and 20% heart.

We have vegetarian haggis just in case.

Just tasted it - you can't taste heart.

But I'll KNOW. Just call it a crazy Jewish thing, ok?

Sorry, hadn't realised that heart wasn't kosher (and I'd actually tried to check online!)

J and I will be delighted to attend this evening.

Apologies for the delay in responding. Work has been bedlam of late.

I have decided not to come, my tonsils have been growing steadily all day and there is no way I want to infect the garklet. (Apparantly babies can't catch tonsillitis because they don't have tonsils yet, but they can get other respiratory related bugs)

So....enjoy the evening, drink whisky on my behalf and maybe send elseware away with a haggis sample.

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