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The Lunan Haggis
robert burns

Makes 16lb for 50-60 helpings.

  • Oatmeal 4 lb
  • Lambs Liver 4lb
  • Suet 3lb
  • Onion 3lb
  • Salt 8 tsp
  • Mace 12 tsp
  • Allspice 12 tsp
  • Black pepper 12 tsp
  1. Toast the oatmeal under the grill, one lb at a time, stirring frequently until browned
  2. Boil the liver until cooked. Retain the stock.
  3. Mince the liver and onion finely (a food processor is ideal)
  4. Mix everything thoroughly in a large bowl (3 gallon size needed), adding the stock and more water if required. At this stage the mixture must be really sloppy, and should "jaup in the luggie".
  5. Put the mixture into plastic boiling or roasting bags, 3-4lb into each, and boil for 3-4 hours each.

(posted so that next year we don't lose the recipe and have a panicked search through all our cooking notes)

Note to self: recipe above is a little underspiced.

PS: if you're coming to our almost-Burns Night on Friday and haven't yet let us know, can you do so today so that we know how far down we can safely scale the above recipe!


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You make your own? Gosh, I'm vastly impressed. I've always just used MacSween's.

ias's grandfather (the Lunan in question) used to make the haggis for the Burns Suppers of his local RSCDS in Northwich. We tried making it for the first time last Burns Night, and found it rather good.

It's arguably not canonical, since it doesn't include lung and heart (I can't recall seeing either for sale in Waitrose, and our local butchers closed last year), but the canonical haggis is probably as much of a mythical creation as the canonical shepherd's pie or spaghetti bolognese.

Actually now you tell me that I can cope with that! it's the lung heart and whatever else :( that kinda put me off haggis normaly. (You did get my email right?)

Burkhard is def not on for Feb 5th - later date to be discussed.

Yes, I got the email - I'm also rubbish and haven't replied.

(shame about Burkhard, tho)

he still wants to come - can we do seminars in (our) easter break , if not actually at Easter?

me too - v impressed you know about MacSweens!

It's the sad legacy of too much time spent lustfully craving nice things in Jenners food department. :)

Though nowadays it's possible for the Londoner to get MacSweens haggis in Selfridges and the odd green wholefood sandal-wearing sort of shop as well.

I thought that *everyone* knew about MacSweens! It's famously the "best haggis in the world"...

(Deleted comment)
Sorry been busy :). If not tooo late it would be nice to come along :). Will there be poetry reading as well ?

Look forward to seeing you. There is a small but non-zero probability of poetry.

I believe both me and Chris are coming, though he was a little concerned that there may be whisky in the haggis, making it inedible/undrinkable for those who won't mix whisky with anything but water!

Tell him not to be daft. There's no whisky in a canonical haggis.

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