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Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, great chieftain o' the puddin-race!
robert burns

Next Thursday will be the 248th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's most famous son. In celebration ias and I will be hosting an almost-Burns Supper on Friday 26th January from 7pm onwards, to which you're most cordially invited.

The bill of fare will be Lunan family haggis to ias's grandfather's recipe, with the traditional accompaniment of bashit neeps and champit tatties (vegetarian haggis will be available for the veggies), followed by crannachan. We've a small selection of single malts in the house, but if folks have their own preferred malts that they'd be willing to share, please bring them along.

Please RSVP so that we can be sure to make enough haggis!

(our address is in this friends-locked post)


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Dang it - would have been up for this if I wasn't moving house... Some other year.

Ta muchly for the invite! Alas, this year is the first since I can't remember that we won't be hosting our own Burns Night Supper, due to the arrival of a Certain Young Gentleman Who Makes Such Adult Activities Problematic. Which also makes it tricky to travel to one. :-(

Still - will be having an appropriate spread for dinner that night and will hoist a glass to you and the Garklet. Wouldn't do to dine on skinking ware that jaups in luggies around the 25th Jan.

A good friend brought this Address to a Vegetarian Haggis to my attention.

That's truly inspired - thanks for passing it on.

Thanks for the invite. I would've loved to attend but back is till a problem:-(

Hopefully another year:-)

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