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The love affair is over
sad mac

Let me get this straight. I can't print from MacOS 10.4 to a commonplace HP non-postscript printer (in this case a LaserJet 1022) that's connected to and shared from a Windows XP box without downloading, compiling and installing a bunch of open source software from a third party.

I was under the impression that Apple computers were renowned for their ease of use.


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Since adding Macs to the network, our HP officejet 7140xi has become confused about which tray to print from and my suspicion is that the Mac drivers are to blame. It is particularly annoying because until this point I have been able to leave invoices in the upper tray and plain paper in the lower and all of our computers respected that, but now all bets are off as the windows machines and the Macs can randomly decide to use the upper tray for no good reason and I've wasted tons of invoices *&(

Nothing is perfect, it's just mostly better.

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