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A reminder for elseware

(this'll either send me to hell or make me go blind, possibly both)

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(Deleted comment)
It just means you have a nostalgic bent.

Just remember to order seminal DVDs for the garklet. such as Bagpuss, Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Chigley. Oh and of course The Clangers, Ivor the Engine..... I know you probably intend limiting screen time, but don't those programmes seem more appealing than the modern alternative....ah, Professor Yaffle won my heart.....

"Mice - unwind that foolish woodpecker!"

(Deleted comment)
We've just been watching some fantastic episodes of Ivor the Engine. Idris the Dragon is so cute! "I'm cold Mr Jones".

I really love Bagpuss too, but can't get H to watch it with me cos he thinks the mice are sinister!

It was a bit of a shock to find out that Bagpuss and the Clangers were pink because I watched them in black and white when I was a kid and always assumed they were grey!


Jenkins the Information

Don't forget Bertha. Somewhat newer than that lot, but quite, quite brilliant.

Also a good introduction to the wonderously mischevious nature of machines. Curse them.

I should hate YouTube for all its intellectual property infringement.

But, damnit, it's like the archive.org of televisual culture. (There's a shiny, slightly-longer version of the theme tune here.)

Woot. Ivor Wood FTW.

Amoungst others.

You owe it to the garklet to track down as much of this stuff as possible, you realise. ;) (I think there's still a substantial amount of children's TV kicking around the house on VHS, which really needs transferring to something less prone to degradation...)

Just remember to order seminal DVDs for the garklet

Yes of course... not for the father to relive his childhood at all... nooooo!

Anyway those collections are worthless without Dangermouse, Sharky and George, Trapdoor, Stopit and Tidy-Up, and the Family Ness.

Not heard of Sharky and George, but the rest, oh yes, definitely. But you have to be at least five and a bit to get the best out of them.....

Oh and I am available if the garklet wants language help when he's even older.....

Sharky and George the crime fighters of the sea. How could you have missed out on that!

Um, because I was probably either asleep or not watching Channel 4 at the right time....

you win an Internet. Don't spend it all at once.

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