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Two minutes into the Sarah Jane Adventures...

...and we've found out that she drives a Nissan Figaro. Very nice.

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I'm with blue_cond, I'm not a fan of the whole retro-kitch thing. Shows a remarkable lack of taste on her part. If you want sidewall tires buy a real Austin-Healey, not a Japanese knock-off.

OK, so it will break down constantly, but at least you wont look like a twat when it is working.

I dunno - sub one litre engine with a turbo. Given that it's Japanese, it probably even transforms into a submarine, which is something I would have thought you'd see as an advantage...

Ho ho.

Yeah, Front-drive, little asthmatic turbo'd 4 cyl engine from a Micra, these are all part of the problem.

The AH 3000 is RWD, has a 3L normally aspirated I6 and is much more like it. Maybe SJS should have had a Z4 if she wanted something more modern.

Exposing impressionable minds to junky cars is just wrong. There are better motoring role models.

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