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SFnal devices for child-rearing
frowny alex

As suggested by hobbit_dave or possibly Hugo WINOLJ at our open house: stillsuits for infants. It's not that you necessarily want or need to recycle the material that exudes from every orifice, but that having a single tap for drainage would be very useful.

Also, forget Zero Point Energy as an SFnal power source. We really need to be harnessing all that waah-ing and all those flailing limbs.

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I'm still trying to persuade ias to let me build a counterweight system for the moses basket so that we can hoist him up to the ceiling while we sleep.

Slightly less flippantly, I intend to build a hefty vibrating dingus that I can strap to his baby bouncer and tune to its resonant frequency (I've taught myself to bounce it with my toes, but it's still a bit awkward).

*laughs* You could probably just install one of those old-fashioned clothes driers that hoists up to the ceiling and strap the Moses basket to that. Don't think you'd need a counterweight - you've effectively got a block and tackle anyway with this arrangement and babies aren't that heavy to lift.

You do know that you can buy baby bouncer/chair/whatever type things with a vibrating thingummy built in? Not cheap new, but very reasonable second hand, and if you're anything like me you've probably a lot less time for fun little projects like building your own electric gizmo these days. (If I'm honest the time it'd take me to get round to it is probably about the same as the time it'd be useful for.)

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