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SFnal devices for child-rearing
frowny alex

As suggested by hobbit_dave or possibly Hugo WINOLJ at our open house: stillsuits for infants. It's not that you necessarily want or need to recycle the material that exudes from every orifice, but that having a single tap for drainage would be very useful.

Also, forget Zero Point Energy as an SFnal power source. We really need to be harnessing all that waah-ing and all those flailing limbs.

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A single tap for drainage, and the occasional small dried pellet to throw away. Perfect!

Haven't had to change my nephew yet - well, just for damp nappies, which is fairly clean to do - but I've seen him flail around enough to get stuff everywhere. And manage to pee on his mother three times in one day...

The garklet stopped peeing mid-change after his managed to pee in both his eyes during a single change.

As my now-dead grandmother would have said: that'll learn 'im.

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