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At home with the Garks

For those that are looking for an excuse to escape from their families between Christmas and the New Year, we're offering a retreat from family politics. We're having an open house on Friday 29th December 2006, from noon onwards (our address is in this friends-locked post). Any or all of the following may be involved:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Making merry
  • Playing silly board games
  • Talking nonsense
  • Adulation of the garklet

Anyone interested?


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You know, I'd love to, but am going to Venice.

Will have to indoctrinate garklet into HP later on...

We were going to ask if you are going to be at home next Saturday (23rd). At that point we'll be staying with the in-laws in Somerset, and therefore within striking distance. By 29th we'll be at home again (via my parents in Essex for a couple of days), and I have a mandatory rehearsal in the evening for the concert the next day, so we definitely won't be able to make it that day.

Don't worry if you are not there or it's too much hassle (the mother-in-law would doubtless be glad to have us to herself for another day), but we must arrange a date soon because I'm dying to meet Alex!

We'll be in on the 23rd, and we'd love to see you all!

Arse. Log in, then comment.

Yes we will be in on Saturday and it would be lovely to see you all.

Are you round on Sunday, we'll be passing in the afternoon on way to my folks?

Hugs Lx

Yes, we'll be in. Look forward to seeing you!

We will probably leave Rebecca with Nanny as consolation that we are going to arrive and then piss off out again. Probably less disruptive that way too. Assuming we have your number with us, we'll give you a call when we leave so you know when to expect us.

Looking forward to it very much!

Oh how nice - but am not back till 7th Jan. Adulation will have to wait :)

I would love to pop over to meet garklet and see you both.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
We'd hoped to get up to Bath before Xmas but with Alex coming so late we won't manage it :( but you are always welcome here :)

Are the trains actually working down to yours, and is it possible to get a lift from whichever station it was. Might not be free, but we are at least back down south by then.

Trains from Gatwick are going to be broken. Curses.


Should be a normal Saturday service on both the 29th and 30th, according to the South West Trains website. We can easily give you a lift from Southampton Airport Parkway, but it's only about fifteen minutes' walk from the house.

Cool, I think we'll be able to make it down.

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