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10 essential Firefox 2 extensions

Mainly for my own records, but I'd be interested to see what other Firefox users consider to be their must-have extensions.

Adblock Plus
Ad killer - must-have.
All-in-One Sidebar
Opera-style sidebar control for access to sidebar panels.
Excellent set of Web debugging utilities, integrating a javascript console, markup validation, document inspection and others.
Safari-style progress bar in address bar.
Manager and environment for client-side scripts. Usefl for fixing web annoyances or shoehorning extra functionality into third-party websites.
Live HTTP Headers
View HTTP headers of a page while loading. Essential for debugging protocol-level problems.
Utility for saving webpages in the browser. Useful for saving flight confirmation pages and the like.
Stop-or-Reload Button
Combined Safari-style stop and reload buttons.
View Cookies
Add cookie pane to page info window.
View Source Chart
Renders document structure in a nested hierarchical view.

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Oh, and come on, I'm claiming five pounds too.

"If you want to pay good money for inferior third party addons"---one of the very extensions you linked, View Source Chart, costs money if you want the latest version. It's not alone in that regard.

Re: Oh, and come on, I'm claiming five pounds too.

View Source Chart costs $3, which isn't even beer money. In contrast, a lot of the IE7 addons cost at least an order of magnitude more; there's a less capable view source tool for IE7 that costs $25. Similarly, there's an equivalent to LiveHTTPHeaders costing $249, and a DOM inspector for $79.

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