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10 essential Firefox 2 extensions

Mainly for my own records, but I'd be interested to see what other Firefox users consider to be their must-have extensions.

Adblock Plus
Ad killer - must-have.
All-in-One Sidebar
Opera-style sidebar control for access to sidebar panels.
Excellent set of Web debugging utilities, integrating a javascript console, markup validation, document inspection and others.
Safari-style progress bar in address bar.
Manager and environment for client-side scripts. Usefl for fixing web annoyances or shoehorning extra functionality into third-party websites.
Live HTTP Headers
View HTTP headers of a page while loading. Essential for debugging protocol-level problems.
Utility for saving webpages in the browser. Useful for saving flight confirmation pages and the like.
Stop-or-Reload Button
Combined Safari-style stop and reload buttons.
View Cookies
Add cookie pane to page info window.
View Source Chart
Renders document structure in a nested hierarchical view.

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If we're going to do the browser wars thing,

Opera. 'Cause it actually works. ;)

I have given Firefscked far more chances than any other piece of software over the versions (and over different OSen and machines), and it has always been a slow, clunky, unstable, unfeatured, awkward beast compared to Opera.

Ad blocking be damned. Opera 9 has a generic content blocker, but I'm not about to cheat the webcomics I read out of what meagre fractions of hosting fees they can recoup that way. (Popups are far worse, and I note that the prevailance of popup blocking/control in Opera and IE7, and extensions which do it in Firefox, have just lead to an upsurge in DHTML "fake" popups, which are even worse. Woo.)

Re: If we're going to do the browser wars thing,

Is Opera still greedy of screen real-estate? I don't mean the embedded ads which I know have gone, I mean all the sidebars and tabs and toolbars....

I've tried it occasionally on PCs under Windows and proper operating systems, but it's never really made me love it. I did have an early version on my Psion Series 7 and that is still quite a classy piece of software.

Not sure what the default setup is these days,

because it's not Firefox and "delete your profile" isn't the answer to all bugs. ;) But, IIRC, they had a cleanup between 8 (stacks of giant buttons and panels) and 9, which is closer to my rather minimal setup: menu; tab bar (disappears when only the one) and trash; address bar/navigation, with the toggle for the view bar. Panel's completely disabled---not even the little toggle---because I've never liked the thing.

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