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A TotL Quorum

So, we've got myself, gnommi, elseware and now theno23. What's the likelihood that we can also get Dr Nick, Darth Rich, Sideshow Al and Marvin on LJ?

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Dr Nick uses LJ to some extent, not sure if he posts though, dunno about the Darthy one, sounds possible, Al already has a blog he never uses, and I guess Marvin could be interested, I've not heard from him for a while though.

Al's now syndicated here as alriddoch_blog.

(Deleted comment)
Posting is for the weak.

the hatter

(Deleted comment)
Ah, should have guessed that as a possible username.

Incidentally, I first parsed your title as “put down that wench”, though wrench is also good. Beware of programmers bearing screwdrivers and all that.

It's also the first line from Heinlein's short story Blowups Happen.

Butbutbut... you're Dr Nick :)

Ironically, I'm still just Nick as far as things TotL are concerned, even though Dr Nick has given up on the PhD.

Heh. You'll always be Dr Nick to me... or possibly Father Nick now and perhaps Old Nick later ;)

Al says that LJ makes him go blind.

He has probably got a few good reasons to keep away from it.

Moreso now, that's true.

My regular suggestion it to create accounts for non-users so that you may easily refer to them with <lj user=... and stuff. Eventually, if enough of their friends are on lj, they'll give in and ask for the password. Alternatively "they" might start commenting of posting, if they're not careful.

the hatter

In Marvin's case, he's such a technophobe that we could probably register a journal for him and make up a bunch of posts that sounded plausible without anyone realising, least of all him.

Just testing this OpenID hack.


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