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Garklet photos

As promised:

Also, because it's never to early to get online: garklet


Great photos! All looks happy and serene :)

He's been a very blissed-out baby so far, and only really gave his lungs a test when I was dealing with my first nappy...

He is absolutely gorgeous! You both look shattered though!

I feel really crap this morning but you've made me feel much better.

There must be something about Daddy's first nappy, Kenton had a similar experience...

Hope you feel better soon:-)

yay look lovely - in a fit of non-originality congratulations to the three of you. do you know when they are coming out?


Isn't it a bit early to be planning the debutante ball?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I can't think of two people who deserve to look as happy as you two do in those photos ! And doesn't Garklet look like you both so much - I know he has a name but you know, internet safety and all that.

He has a very very intelligent air about him, naturally.

We shall see. He seems to spend much of his time frowning, so it's either a) a sign of vast, as-yet-untapped intelligence or b) wind.

(Deleted comment)
I needed to upload photos for all the relatives to see, so it wasn't a great deal of extra effort to post them here.

(Deleted comment)
Our feelings exactly. How did this happen?

(ahem, no need to answer that)

What a fantastic baby! Hooray.

Yours is prety good too, you know...

(of course, ours is necessarily better, as you'll no doubt understand)

awwwwww! V intelligent forehead!

"icon love".

Ah, it's the age of the internet baby. I've followed a couple in my time. Shall expect to see him blogging by the age of four, I hope you realise.

Four days, I assume?

I am so pleased to see mum, dad and baby all looking so well.

Beautiful baby!

We're a little more tired than we were when those photos were taken, but otherwise all is still well!

Brilliant photos, love your user icon and have friended Garklet, so looking forward to future postings.

Are you going to be in Soton area over Xmas, as we're starting with my folks this year and would love to meet the little chap and give you both real and not virtual hugs.


Sounds like a plan...

(and the icon was a moment of inspiration a few weeks ago - I've been waiting to unveil it ever since)

We couldn't put it better ourselves.