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The Garklet has landed!

Alexander Iain, weighing 3.268kg (or 7lb3 in old money), at two minutes past midnight this morning, by caesarian section. Both the garklet and ias are doing well, even if mum is rather tired. More tomorrow (later today?), including pictures.


Well hell... congratulations are in order! Congratulations.

*bounces* Congratulations!!!!!!!


Congratulations, both! Good name, too. Give his mum a hug from me!

Hurrah! Look forward to seeing the photos.

Well, congratulations! *many* congratulations!


You can now look forward to a decent night's sleep.

In about 9 months time.

if he is lucky :)

Anyway Nick congratulations

Hurrah! Congratulations and best wishes to all three of you.

Congratulations! I was just thinking that he was about due the other day!